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To provide the best and reliable orthopaedic and /or rehabilitation services, physiotherapy equipments, in and out patient orthopaedic clinic consumables, appliances, orthopaedic technological workshop materials/ components,as a one stop center in the field of neuro- muscular and bone disorders within Uganda and its neighbouring countries, in the period of a decade while in exisitence.

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We welcome and care for patients from all backgrounds. We offer culturally appropriate meals, facilities and treatment, and can provide interpreters when needed.

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Delivering world class healthcare is complex. We know what we do best and we know our limitations. We partner with others whose expertise complements ours to jointly deliver world class care.

Committed to quality healthy care

Our doctors examine patients so that they can diagnose

Orthopedic Consultancy

Leos Orthopedic Centre has been in existence since January, 2015. The centre provides a holistic and integrated patient and/or client care in a professional and comfortable environment. Our medical staff has extensive experience in Orthopedic clinics and pharmacy for over ten (10) years and holds the seniority of handling clients’ needs.

Specialised Support Service

The centre has a reception area, treatment room; physiotherapy section and a well stocked section of orthopedic assistive devices and work shop raw materials. The centre also has an operational orthopedic work shop.

Orthopedic Assistive devices

The Centre has experienced and qualified physiotherapists with a kind touch; and a well stocked physiotherapy section.

Orthopedic rehabilitation

The centre has two senior physiotherapists and orthopedic technologists to ensure more quality of service. In addition, the centre collaborates with its friend orthopedic surgeons to ensure appropriate service delivery to our clients.

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Our staff has a strong desire to do the right thing and to perform the tasks as promised or agreed upon and  on time, with no unrealistic charges, or additional costs to our clients irrespective of the changes or financial challenges   that may be encountered any confirmed contract.


Medical Care Monday to Saturday ( 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM)

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Knee Support

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Knee Aids

Service Recipient Says

"Mr Curry is very professional and serious. I definitely recommend him. I liked The LEO Orthopaedic Center very much."

Thomas K Kampala Uganda

“The doctor worked on my child, Him and his staff, explained to me well, gently but accurately, what happened, consequences and risks and recovery path “

Kolis Muller Kampala Uganda

"Mr Curry is one of the two best knee men in the country"

Kolis Muller NY Citizen